What ought Iowa’s schools consider next?

* Training our teachers to be leaders and motivators so they see that students are not so apathetic; we simply may not be motivating them properly — and that students are ready to serve and be motivated; we need to find the way to help them do so. … Read More

Do you dig the little things?

Dig the little things. The best leaders, businesses, organizations, churches, workers realize this.

My dentist has a cool aquarium in the waiting room, with fish that he periodically rotates from his collection. I only stay at the Savery Hotel once per year, but Ross in sales knows what room I like. I bet you have examples, too. … Read More

Beware acting while stressed…

Something we talk about in Group Dynamic workshops is this: 80% of decisions are made based on emotion, not ration. Also, we tend to act less mature when stressed. The lessons? There are many.

One is this; when stressed, see if you can delay acting, or speaking, or addressing a situation until the stress passes. This will increase the likelihood of a better decision, and (more importantly) better interactions and relationships. Be nice. … Read More

“Generational Differences” offer opportunities, not excuses…

It all comes back to the basics of leadership: meet needs, build relationships, and provide meaning. No one, of any generation, really enjoys, say, “vacuuming to the corners.” But we can all be led to play a role in “comforting weary travelers by providing the cleanest hotel room they’ve ever seen.” … Read More

Things successful leaders avoid saying (Part 2)

If, as research has shown, people are motivated by autonomy, then there is a class of words we ought to avoid, as they can crush autonomy. These may include “ought,” or “must,” but let’s focus on the one that seems to pass judgement:

“SHOULD” … Read More

Effective Leaders Stay Up-To-Date

Thought evolves, the world changes, and research keeps on happening.

Are you going to “stick with what works” or “change with the times”? Neither solution is right all the time, of course, so how do you decide?

Stay well-read, and keep thinking, and talking, and networking, and make up your own mind. … Read More

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