Build Trust by Being Open

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Trust is a big topic for us in 2024, and there’s a lot we can do to make things better. Less than half of us trust our bosses, and even fewer trust the top leaders, even though almost everyone agrees trust is super important.

One thing we need more of is being open and honest, especially those of us at the top. Sometimes, it feels like we’re not getting all the info we need, and it can be tempting to keep things from our teams to keep them focused. But this might be part of the problem.

Think about it: Do you ever wish you knew more about what’s going on? But then, do you hold back info from your team because you think it’s for the best? We’re all in this cycle, and it’s something to really think about.

Here’s how we can start fixing this:

Teach and Learn Together: Let’s get better at understanding the business together. Sharing more about how things work can help everyone feel more involved and trusted.

Support Each Other: How we talk about our coworkers and other departments matters a lot. Showing that we’re all on the same team, even when we disagree, helps build a place where everyone feels respected and valued.

By being more open and making sure we’ve got each other’s backs, we can start to fill in the trust gap. It’s about more than just sharing info; it’s about showing we’re all in this together. We’ve got a chance to make our workplace one where trust is the foundation of everything we do. Let’s make it happen.

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Alan Feirer

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