What can you expect from Group Dynamic?

We are focused on helping you bring programs to your organization so that your people look forward to getting to work by developing leaders who motivate and teams who love working together.

As we work together on that, expect us to live up to these values:

We are accountable, responsive, and timely.

  • Voice mails and emails receive a response within 24 hours.
  • Deadlines are sought, set and met.

We obsessively over-communicate.

  • Information is very specific.
  • We report progress.
  • We ask a lot of questions.
  • We make it safe for others to ask us questions.
  • We clarify doubts and anticipate problems.

We exceed service expectations.

  • We will be easy to work with and use your systems.
  • We show up early.
  • Requests for information are specific.
  • We anticipate questions rather than reacting.
  • We read and work with personality styles.

We execute work of the highest quality.

  • Our grammar, phone skills, format, courtesy, font selection, and appearance are appropriate to the circumstances and set a high standard.
  • Our follow-up systems are robust and responsive.
  • Our proposals are clear and easy to read, understand, and share.
  • Our presentations are professional, rigorous, relevant, tuned to your needs and accurate to the descriptions provided.

We are committed to continuous improvement.

  • We seek feedback and make it safe for clients to suggest improvements.
  • We read, study, and attend professional development on a regular basis.
  • We offer clients feedback on their practices, and our recommendations are based on client needs, rather than our available programs.