Calling Out Violently Polite: Does it hold up?

A few years ago, I shared a vivid phrase to describe being passive-aggressive: “Violently polite.”  I think it holds up, but I had forgotten about it. I’m glad for the chance to revisit this. In the years since then, I’ve … Read More

Commitment needs buy-in and clarity.

A few years ago, I wrote in Healthy Conflict Leads to Commitment that great teams can expect commitment when trust is solid and conflict is productive. Today, I want to emphasize that commitment has two other important components: clarity and … Read More

Make Sure Results Match the Mission

In a post I wrote called “Leaders Make Sure Results Match the Mission,” I shared Gino Wickman’s approach, presented clearly in the book Traction, called the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS). I noted that measuring results against the mission is important … Read More

Healthy Conflict: Does it hold up?

A few years ago, I wrote that great teams embrace healthy conflict. Does it hold up? Yes, the “healthy conflict” approach holds up. Teams still suffer from lack of productive conflict and healthy debate. There’s a lot of “sparing feelings,” … Read More

Dialing Back the Hasty Email – Does it hold up?

Seven years ago I wrote about what to do when you hit “send” on an email while in an agitated or emotional state, and then immediately regret it: How to Dial Back the Hasty Email Does this still happen? Unfortunately, … Read More

Leaders Know Credibility is Driven by Behavior

For context, let’s review Covey’s Five Waves of Trust.1. Self trust2. Relationship trust3. Organizational trust4. Market trust5. Societal trust This post goes further in depth on the importance of the first wave. The first wave of trust: Self Trust Self … Read More

The Gratitude Attitude

While it may be cliché to write a blog post about gratitude the week of Thanksgiving, it’s also a good reminder as we move into the holiday season. For many, November and December bring additional stress, frustration, and hardship. The … Read More

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