More Thoughts for Leaders Dealing with the Introversion/Extraversion Gap

Be bold. Strike out on your own. Chart your course. Do it first. Come out of your shell. Stake your claim. These sound natural in our culture, and you might see versions of them on posters in offices and locker … Read More

Emotional Intelligence and DiSC

Last week, we talked about why emotional intelligence is important in today’s workplace. We talk a lot on this blog about communication in the workplace and about the diversity of DiSC profiles. If you’d like to brush up on DiSC, … Read More

The Importance of Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

This post kicks off a three part mini-series about Emotional Intelligence (EQ). Emotional Intelligence is often defined in three parts:1) one’s ability to recognize and name their own emotional state (emotional awareness).2) one’s ability to use their emotional awareness to … Read More

Group Dynamic: Navigating COVID-19 by Taking Care of Our Business

My mission: To make the world a better place, and choose a line of work that makes that happen. I do what I do for a living because when people have a better day at work, there is a positive … Read More

Leaders Are Mindful of Their Extraversion Bias

In Westernized societies, we have quite the bias toward extraversion, and this can hurt organizations. My assistant (an introvert) and I (an extravert) recently had a conversation about extraversion bias we thought we’d share with you. Extraversion and Leadership DeAnne: … Read More

Leaders Understand and Value Different Personality Types

Last week, we discussed insecurity and how our insecurities affect our lives and our work. This week, we’ll discuss the importance of understanding personality differences, and how that can enhance culture and build trust. You can download Dr. Mark Scullard’s … Read More

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