Building Trust Through Language: Part 1

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This week, I’m introducing the topic of “building trust through language.” The words and mannerisms we use reveal a lot about our priorities and preferred communication styles. Depending on the “language” we naturally speak, it can either help us connect with others or potentially cause some misunderstandings. Connection leads to trust, so let’s make sure we understand the role of our language.

To identify your preferred languages, we need to make two choices. First consider your typical pace – are you more fast-paced and action-oriented, or do you tend to operate at a more moderate, careful pace? Second – do you see yourself as generally accepting and warm, or more skeptical and questioning.

Based on those factors, you can get close to picking one of the eight main languages that we’re going to check out: results, action, enthusiasm, collaboration,. support, stability,. accuracy, and challenge. Jot down the two you most closely identify with.

Next week, we’ll chat about how flexing outside our default languages may help improve trust with others. Until then – notice how your language affects your interactions – good or bad.

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Alan Feirer

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