Leaders Invest in Trust

I’ve written a lot about the role of “vulnerability-based trust” in cohesive teams. Patrick Lencioni explored the concept of vulnerability-based trust as a critical foundation for teams. Read more about Lencioni’s model here, here, and here.

Trust is multi-faceted.

Although I adore Patrick Lencioni’s model, there is another way of looking at trust. The concepts behind Stephen Covey’s The Speed of Trust are also very powerful. My goal in writing this post is to convince you of the incredible influence of Covey’s model.

Let’s consider Covey’s kind of trust to be “confidence-building trust.” Think of this trust as the opposite of “suspicion.” So, what can we do to build relationships that garner confidence and erode suspicion? That’s our guiding question.

Where do we need to build confidence/trust?

  • In our SELF. We need to be confident.
  • Individual RELATIONSHIPS in our lives, so others are confident in us and we are confident in them.
  • Build trust across our ORGANIZATION, so teams align and know what to expect.
  • With our MARKET, whatever it is, so our customers remain loyal and get even more loyal over time.
  • Build SOCIETAL trust, so our reputation is solid with everyone who sees and interacts with us. Actions which contribute to everyone we touch will secure additional trust.

As you consider those five areas of trust, or what Covey calls “waves of trust,” in which are you most confident? Which are you most unsure? We all have influence, so we can affect all the waves. When you improve trust, speed goes up, and cost goes down.

Follow this blog in the coming weeks for more exploration of Covey’s Speed of Trust, including thirteen specific actions you can take to build trust. For now, ponder this:

  • Who do you trust, and what do they do to give you confidence in them?
  • Who trusts you most, and what do you do to give them confidence in you?

When you can answer those questions, you’re on your way to embracing The Speed of Trust!

Thanks for reading,

Alan Feirer

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