Make Sure Results Match the Mission

In a post I wrote called “Leaders Make Sure Results Match the Mission,” I shared Gino Wickman’s approach, presented clearly in the book Traction, called the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS). I noted that measuring results against the mission is important to do on a regular basis.

I’m not an official EOS implementer — those are out there — but anyone can use the Traction resources well. I’ve been using them on my own for over 10 years.

Since I wrote that previous post, I’ve adopted an additional method of connecting results to mission, called “operationalizing values.” Detailed wonderfully in Brené Brown’s Dare to Lead, this is the process of working with your team to define workplace behaviors that illustrate the organization’s values. For example, one of our values at Group Dynamic is about being Accountable. That’s pretty vague, but it’s operationalized in a few ways, like “we seek out deadlines, we set deadlines, and we meet deadlines.”

Lencioni, Wickman, Brown – they hold up. And while they’re different from each other, they all help us understand that making sure our results match the mission only happens when you build a culture intentionally and consistently. I think that will always hold up.

~ Alan

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