Leaders Provide Real Trust-Building

In a recent team-development session, we made some important growth happen. Growing as a team isn’t arbitrary, and it doesn’t happen without real, hard work. And it especially doesn’t happen when the team lacks vulnerability-based trust. As with building trust … Read More

The Importance of Being Known

Chris McQueen, former Google employee, delivered a keynote address on some of the best practices his unit has learned, and I’ll share two of them with you. This week, I’ll offer some thoughts on generating solid team relationships. Next week, … Read More

Leaders Focus on Mission and Impact, Even in Tough Times

Some people think the U.S. is headed for an economic downturn, and I know some managers who are bracing for that potential storm. Samir runs a boutique marketing firm that promises clean and consistent brand development and graphic design. Ellyn … Read More

Practical Tips for Leaders to Start Hard Conversations

I really appreciate—and have totally used—Brené Brown’s tools. You can find downloadables on her website. Brené Brown recommends the following phrases to push vulnerable and trusting conversations forward: “The story I make up…” Often, we have an experience and don’t … Read More

Leaders Know the Difference Between Shame and Guilt

We often use the words shame and guilt interchangeably, but this causes problems. If we avoid tough conversations in order to save someone from shame, what we actually might be doing is avoiding important information that simply makes someone feel … Read More

Leaders Avoid Rewarding the Exhaustion of Productivity

I wrote a post back in 2015 that talked about leaders not saying “busy.” The word itself is so commonplace in our every day lives that we say it without thinking about it or considering its meaning. But the word … Read More

Leaders are Clear and Kind

Last week, we talked about numbing as a way of putting on armor. Brené Brown points out that sarcasm, cynicism, and passive-aggressive behaviors are another way to stay distant and avoid vulnerability. The solution is to avoid those three things, … Read More

Leaders, Beware of Numbing Behaviors

*This blog post contains affiliate links where the author receives a small commission on book sales. I spent 19 years as a high school band teacher. This can be a big job—class sizes of up to 150 students, managing a … Read More

Leaders Understand the Pitfalls of Perfectionism and the Fear of Failure

I have never suffered from perfectionism, but I’ve certainly felt the fear of failure. For me, it isn’t perfectionism that produces the fear; it’s competitiveness. I like being the best at things. One year, about 15 years ago, my New … Read More

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