Healthy Conflict: Does it hold up?

A few years ago, I wrote that great teams embrace healthy conflict.

Does it hold up?

Yes, the “healthy conflict” approach holds up. Teams still suffer from lack of productive conflict and healthy debate.

There’s a lot of “sparing feelings,” and this extends into remote relationships, too; maybe even more so. The daily casual interactions can make people feel more comfortable with each other, and those aren’t happening as much in remote or hybrid environments.

The original post had a link to an activity that is no longer online. So, I’d encourage you to create your own time to ask your team members this question:

When someone disagrees with you, do you want to know? 

(Everyone will say yes. If they don’t, you have deeper issues to look at.)

Then ask:

How do you want to hear disagreements from others?

Your collective answers to those questions can help you develop ground rules for conflict.

Don’t avoid it – embrace it. Healthy conflict holds up.

~ Alan

Thanks for reading,

Alan Feirer

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