Leaders Make It Easy To Know Them

Some leaders are open and transparent with others, and some are more private. But if that privacy is segregating their personal life and history to such an extent that their team feels like they don’t know them, then that leader is at a disadvantage.

Leaders who make it easy to get to know them have an easier time developing relationship power, which is much more effective than role or expertise power.

Of course you don’t want to always bare your soul, or talk about your resume, but who you are as a leader is a product of more than just the tip of the iceberg we see today.

So, make it easy for people to get to know you.

If you are approached to connect via social media, say yes. (It’s best to let the people who report to you make the first move here.)

Keep much of your social media, especially Linked-In, on lower privacy settings so that if your team members “creep” on you, they’re able to get to know you.

If you have private stuff you’d like to keep that way, simply keep it off of social media – that’s a compromise leaders have to make.

Try letting your team in on one piece of your background at a time, or make it a goal to share a personal story once a week. You’ll appear more consistent and stable to them, and over time you’ll develop that relationship power.

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