Leaders Provide Real Trust-Building

In a recent team-development session, we made some important growth happen. Growing as a team isn’t arbitrary, and it doesn’t happen without real, hard work. And it especially doesn’t happen when the team lacks vulnerability-based trust. As with building trust … Read More

Leaders Know that Trust Weakens the Power of Insecurity

What comes to mind when you hear the word insecurity? Do you cringe at the word itself, because talking about insecurity is such a taboo topic? Is there a certain individual who you’d describe as being insecure? Do you view … Read More

Leaders Understand the Role of Symbolism

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We all work and breathe in four organizational frames. These frames are Political, Structural, Human Resources, and Symbolic. Political—power, conflict, coalitions Structural—organizational charts, policies, procedures Human Resources—meeting individual needs, teamwork, leadership, people problems Symbolic—culture, ritual, stories, traditions In times of … Read More

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