Leaders Embrace Relationship Power

How are your communication habits? Would others agree with your assessment? Do they change during times of stress?

Change and stress complicate situations and relationships.

It’s when we need more communication with each other, but what generally happens is just the opposite.

Communication, transparency, empathy, and authenticity build relationships, and good relationships are good for business and teamwork.

The first rule of great communication is to listen.

Not listening to reply, but listening to understand. Outward signs of active listening include:

  • Visual affirmation
  • Physical affirmation
  • Verbal affirmation

Another good practice is to ask more questions about “why.”

These aren’t yes and no questions. They’re questions that get to the heart of the matter. They ask why something is being done, how it will be done, who is implementing it, what the time frame is, and who will be affected by it. These types of questions dig deeper and open up room for the relationship power elements—communication, transparency, empathy, and authenticity.

Communicate clearly and often. Be transparent by being open. Practice empathy with others. Authenticity builds trust. Together, they build relationships.

And finally, never forget to…

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Alan Feirer

This is the ninth post in an 11-part series discussing what leaders can do to effectively navigate through times of change. Follow along as we explore the Kubler-Ross Change Curve, differences in DiSC personalities, and the roles of symbolism during change.

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