Leaders Align Work with Values

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Last week, we talked about rubrics in general as a tool to develop vision.

This week, let’s take that further to talk about a way to make your passion more obvious to your team.

Examine all your own projects, initiatives, to-do items, daily tasks, and responsibilities.

Compare each of them to your organizational values.

Consider eliminating or delegating the ones that are needed, but are less aligned with your values.

This is a way to focus your work AND develop your people.

Then, make sure the initiatives and tasks that align best with your vision and values are the ones you talk about, execute with vigor, and turn into object lessons.

For example, if your team values creativity and innovation, consider outsourcing filing compliance reports and inventory cross-checks. At the same time, make brainstorming sessions a priority, hold them in an obvious space, and be sure to follow-through on the best ideas.

Lastly, turn that process into a story of success at a staff meeting. Meanwhile, stop reporting about routine processes at meetings, and just deal with those things via email.

Align your work with your values, then share success stories to show your passion for the work.

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