Insights for Leaders from Lee Cockerell

The Leader Campus with Mel Wildermuth has done it again!

Another great interview with a leadership expert (no, not me. This time.)

I’ve been a huge fan of Lee Cockerell and his book, Creating Magic, for some time. In fact, once, I designed a three-week class on leadership and Disney influence. It never happened, though I learned a lot in the process.

Some of my favorite takeaways from the interview:

Cockarell doesn’t have a college degree. Disney didn’t let that stop them from putting him in charge.

Everyone does training, but at Disney and other successful organizations, it’s enforced. “If you have a policy, either enforce it or get rid of it.” Reminds me of Mark Horstman’s emphasis on persistence and repetition of feedback and coaching.

Start with new or prospective employees by telling them your story and traditions; don’t just plop them in the job.

People are willing to work hard when they matter, and they know they matter.

“Manage like your mother,” Cockerell said. The message to send to people is often, “I love you, and we are going to have a chat when you do something wrong.”

What’s the only way for a person to have broadened horizons and a more full world view? Travel. Only one-third of US citizens have a passport. The workforce would be better if more people traveled.

I hope you watch the whole video. It’s good stuff, and takes on an extra dimension if you’re a Disney fan. And I recommend the book.

I’d love to know your favorite takeaways in the comment section below.

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