DiSC in Action – S Behaviors During Conflict

In earlier posts, we’ve looked at the Five Dysfunctions of a Team, and we’ve looked at DiSC. Please look back for a refresher if you need one.

Most teams struggle with the “Trust” and “Conflict” behaviors, and this series of short posts examines the ways each DiSC style can influence those areas.

The Steadiness style can bring a lot to the table with their priorities of Support, Stability, and Collaboration.

Are you an “S”? If so, here’s what you can expect:

At your best: You will show empathy, gather and listen to the perspectives of others, and press for calm and thoughtful consideration.

At your worst: You may gloss over problems to keep the peace, neglect your own needs, retreat or cave in to avoid tension.

When you find yourself getting into trouble, learn from the opposite style; act like a “D”: Address issues head on, speak up and push to take your turn speaking, and stick up for your own rights.

This contrasting behavior from you will be more supportive and helpful than shutting down, and will likely be quite effective and ensure collaboration.

Watch for this the next time you have the opportunity to built trust and/or engage in healthy conflict.

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