Things Successful Leaders Avoid Saying (Part 16)

I was re-reading the outstanding Flawless Consulting by Peter Block and appreciated how he outlined the issues underlying phrases like: “These people” OR “Those people” (followed by) “don’t understand” OR “need to understand.” WHAT THESE PEOPLE DON’T UNDERSTAND… So, what’s … Read more

Things Leaders Say: “How Might We…”

Last week, I introduced you to Chris McQueen, current Head of Community—Created Content for ServiceNow, former Google employee. This week, I want to share something else from McQueen that I think you’ll find helpful. Any time you cite a problem, … Read more

The Importance of Being Known

Chris McQueen, former Google employee, delivered a keynote address on some of the best practices his unit has learned, and I’ll share two of them with you. This week, I’ll offer some thoughts on generating solid team relationships. Next week, … Read more

More Questions for Leaders who Seek Self-Improvement

It can be helpful for leaders to use feedback from their teams in order to become more effective. Getting feedback from your team, however, comes with obstacles. One such obstacle is that people are often reluctant to be totally honest … Read more

Questions for Times of Change

Recently, I worked with a CEO and his immediate team in a very fast environment. We spent time processing thoughts and feelings the whole enterprise was experiencing during current major changes. This is a relatively small business, and the group … Read more

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