Leaders Know the World of Work is Changing (Part 2)

There is no shortage of information about how work is changing. Many sources support these two points: Employees have several options about where to work, and a lot aren’t happy where they are working now. Employers know these facts, and … Read More

The Complexity of Change, Uncertainty, and Anxiety

Human beings don’t like uncertainty. Uncertainty brings with it a higher possibility of change, which humanity also doesn’t like. “The way it has always been” is a source of security and comfort; it quells our natural anxiety and makes life … Read More

Blog Posts Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

You may have noticed a lack of weekly emails letting you know about a new blog post. Don’t worry; we’re still doing blogs. However, in light of recent events, instead of our normal posts, we thought it would beneficial to … Read More

Questions for Times of Change

Recently, I worked with a CEO and his immediate team in a very fast environment. We spent time processing thoughts and feelings the whole enterprise was experiencing during current major changes. This is a relatively small business, and the group … Read More