Healthy Conflict: Does it hold up?

A few years ago, I wrote that great teams embrace healthy conflict. Does it hold up? Yes, the “healthy conflict” approach holds up. Teams still suffer from lack of productive conflict and healthy debate. There’s a lot of “sparing feelings,” … Read More

Dialing Back the Hasty Email – Does it hold up?

Seven years ago I wrote about what to do when you hit “send” on an email while in an agitated or emotional state, and then immediately regret it: How to Dial Back the Hasty Email Does this still happen? Unfortunately, … Read More

Vote One to Five – Does it hold up?

~ Alan Seven years ago I shared the technique of conducting a “Vote One to Five” in situations where you’re short on time but need to check a team’s response to an idea, action item or new direction. You can … Read More

The Business Case For Moving at the Speed of Trust

We hope you’ve enjoyed this blog series on The Speed of Trust. We’ve spent a lot of time on this topic because we think it’s so important. By now, I hope it is obvious that low trust costs time and … Read More

Leaders Develop Trust Whether the Relationship is Good or Bad

The Second Wave: Relationship Trust Relationship status: Do not know the person When you are unsure about the state of your relationship with someone–whether you’re new to each other or know each other but, haven’t worked closely together–here’s how to … Read More

Leaders Restore Trust When Mistakes Are Made

The Second Wave: Relationship Trust When you have made a mistake, you can endanger trust. Sometimes, you’ve been betrayed. That’s tougher, and we’ll cover that below. But first, what do you do when you’ve screwed up? Demonstrating accountability and ownership … Read More

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