Things Successful Leaders Avoid Saying (Part 13)

Some words and phrases give off the wrong vibe, tone, or meaning.

We’ve explored several of these over the course of this blog, and today we’re adding one more to the list. How do these conversations hit you?

1. “Hey Marco, what time is the meeting?”

“I have no idea.”

2. “Say Abril, how many account reviews does Stan want done?”

“I have no idea.”

If communication is supposed to connect, not divide, then it’s important to be clear and direct without drama.

Some statements accidentally increase drama instead of calming things. “I have no idea” is one of those statements, especially when delivered with a negative tone of voice.

“I have no idea” usually conveys a sense of being overburdened by having to answer, or exasperation that you’re answering a question that isn’t in your area. This discredits the questioner and shuts down communication with them.

Stop and consider the interaction from their point of view. They may be just as exasperated as you, and you’ve brought them down more. And, you’ve increased the drama.

Choose to settle the question with a better tone and a calmer answer.

1. “Hey Marco, what time is the meeting?”

“Not sure. I’m also wondering. Who can we ask?”

2. “Say Abril, how many account reviews does Stan want done?”

“I’ve been wondering the same thing. Do you want to check with Stan, or do you want me to do it?”

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