Group Dynamic: Navigating COVID-19 by Taking Care of Our People

In the wake of this worldwide crisis, our first priority is taking care of our people.

We’re hearing a lot of encouraging stories about organizations ensuring their internal people and the general public they care for their people during this time. At Group Dynamic, we basically have two people: DeAnne and Alan. Because I’m Alan, I’ll tell you what I’m doing for self-care. But first, DeAnne. I would be lost without her.

I join many employers in publicly committing to keep DeAnne, our main employee, safe and employed. For the foreseeable future, even if business slows some, she’s staying on at the same number of hours as always. There are plenty of long-term projects to work on, and this week there are a lot of immediate client needs and short-term projects.

Also, though she is still planning to work from the office at this time, she has her usual authority, full permission, and flexibility to adjust those hours and/or work from home. Her normal hours are Monday through Thursday from 9:30AM – 4:30PM, and 9AM – 12PM on Fridays. Please reach out if you need anything.

I promise to take care of DeAnne.

Self-care is critical, especially in rough times.

I’m supposed to be with two client groups in Florida right now. Usually this time of year, we’re all ready for sun and nice weather, and annually, I’m blessed to have that. I expected to spend 15 hours outdoors in 85-degree weather today.

Now, however, I will be working inside with gloomy weather and uncertainty around us. This situation can be rough without a plan. You know how energized I am when in the same room with groups talking about leadership and teamwork. A long stretch of alone time will be especially difficult.

Therefore, I am taking the following steps for self-care:

  • I’m watching what I eat. This includes resisting comfort food temptations and avoiding processed or high-sugar foods. An exception: dark chocolate.
  • I’m sleeping until I naturally wake up, rather than setting an alarm. I’m going to bed at an early hour to ensure a solid night’s sleep.
  • I’m drinking a lot of water.
  • I’m staying up-to-date on the news, but I’m not getting sucked into the rabbit hole of reading every bit of breaking news.
  • I’m spending at least 30 minutes a day walking outside and at least 30 minutes a day doing indoor exercise.
  • I’ve recently brightened my office and improved the lighting. This is partially in preparation for eventually delivering more online sessions. Little did I know how urgent that would become. (More on this tomorrow and Friday.)
  • I’ve also recently purchased a standing desk, and I’m using it in the standing position all day.
  • To avoid feelings of isolation, I’m working to have more conversations happen via video, rather than by phone only. I’m also in the process of creating a plan to use Zoom for “open office hours.” (More details on this tomorrow.)
  • I may spontaneously make a Zoom meeting open from time to time. Watch my Facebook page and my Twitter handle, @Alanfeirer, for those spontaneous times. This article inspired this idea.
  • I plan to have “coffee” at 9:30AM and “lunch” at 12:30PM Central Time. I promise you won’t have to watch me eat. Tune in tomorrow for more.

Once I’m caught up on all my urgent office work and return communication, hopefully by tomorrow, I’m also going to make these things happen:

  • Thirty minutes of reading per day.
  • Thirty minutes per day of expanding my brain by continuing lessons in French and German. (I’m using Pimsleur and DuoLingo. Message me if you want to be DueoLingo friends.)

Based on all I’ve read and experienced, I think the most important elements of the above for most people are:

  • Drink water.
  • Be active.
  • Get adequate sleep.

Once you’ve mastered those habits, consider:

  • Avoiding sugar.
  • Going outside.
  • Staying offline as much as possible to avoid the gloom and doom.

What pointers do you have?

Tomorrow – 

We are taking steps to ensure our clients get what they need from us, and tomorrow, we’ll share those details.

Be good to yourself and each other,


This week, we’re sharing Group Dynamic’s priorities in this tricky time:

Our Selves. 

Our Clients. – more Wednesday

Our World. – more Thursday

Our Business. – more Friday

Those are our four commitments, in that order. We encourage you to do the same. Take care of your selves, the people you serve, the world you live in, and your business.

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  1. Sally Wilke
    | Reply

    Really nice, Alan. Great words. Love the layout too.

    • Alan Feirer
      | Reply

      That layout genius is all DeAnne!

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