How Group Dynamic is Navigating COVID-19

Dear friend-

Our inboxes are full of messages from those with whom we do business, so I’ll keep this short and thank you for reading.

Because we have always worked to provide guidance, I hope our approach might give you ideas on how you can deal with the coming days and weeks. Today: broad strokes. Details later.

We are taking care of…

Our Selves. 

Consultants have an ethical obligation to stay healthy. I’ve never cancelled an engagement for any reason, and I don’t intend to start now. Tomorrow on the blog site, I’ll share my intentional steps to stay mentally and physically healthy over the next few weeks. Also, DeAnne will have the option of flexible hours and working from home, and there are no plans to reduce her hours.

Our Clients.

No upcoming engagement involves a group larger than 32, so at this time, I’m comfortable delivering in-person training. However, that may not work for you, and the fluid nature of the situation is subject to change. To support your decision, I have the capacity to deliver sessions virtually for up to 100 individual computers and will substantially discount our fee if we choose virtual instruction for upcoming sessions. On Wednesday, we will share full details of what this looks like. We’ll email clients and post on our blog.

Our World.

DeAnne and I are active in our communities, and our families are important to us. We are taking seriously our roles in our homes and our impact on the world. The specific steps we are taking will hit the blog on Thursday.

Our Business.

In times like this, developing leaders who motivate and teams who love working together are MORE important, not less. However, there will be budget considerations for us all, and we are already brainstorming alternative models on how to achieve our mission. We’ll share this on the blog and in an email to clients.

Those are our four commitments, in that order. We encourage you to do the same—take care of your selves, the people you serve, the world you live in, and your business.

Each day this week, we’ll share more about what we are doing regarding each of our communities above. Our goal is to keep you informed but also to give you ideas on what you can do in your roles.

Thanks for reading – be good to yourselves and one another –


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