Blog Posts Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

You may have noticed a lack of weekly emails letting you know about a new blog post. Don’t worry; we’re still doing blogs. However, in light of recent events, instead of our normal posts, we thought it would beneficial to go through our Psychology of Change series. This series walks through the Change Curve and clarifies what people need during each phase of change.

Individuals and companies are going through numerous changes right now as they try to navigate the current situation. Many employees who aren’t accustomed to working from home now find themselves with a laptop on their living room sofa trying to work and parent at the same time. Companies who have never considered working from home an option now struggle with how to get employees set up at home, team meetings scheduled, and some face tough staffing decisions.

Change is happening quickly.

So to help navigate these changes, we are re-posting our Psychology of Change series on all our social media platforms. These post every three business days. But because they are re-runs, you will not receive a weekly email. Below are links to every post in the series. We hope you find them useful, relevant, and encouraging.

We’re here to help. If you need to talk about anything, please reach out. We’re all in this together.

Psychology of Change Series Links

Post 1: Leaders Help Others Navigate Change
Post 2: Leaders Recognize Denial & Frustration in Others
Post 3: Leaders Recognize the Moment of Resignation in Others
Post 4: Leaders Encourage Through the Final Stages
Post 5: A Real Life Change Curve Example
Post 6: Leaders Stay Above the Line
Post 7: Leaders Accept Personality Differences During Change
Post 8: Leaders Avoid Withholding During Times of Change
Post 9: Leaders Embrace Relationship Power
Post 10: Leaders Are Aware of Heightened Stress During Times of Change
Post 11: Leaders Understand the Role of Symbolism

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