Leaders Spread Passion with Testimonials

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The marketing value of client or customer testimonials is clear, but let’s talk about other reasons to gather and share them:

They help you spread your passion.

They help you keep the members of your team fired up.

They keep you and your team ever-mindful of their purpose.

I had a great vet once who worked miracles for my cat. I wrote a letter to him, and told him he could use it in any way he wanted. While he did put excerpts on his website, he also framed the letter and put it in back, away from pet owners, but in daily full view for himself and his staff. “Keeps us reminded why we do what we do,” he said.

A client once reported a life-changing breakthrough as a result of some DiSC training. While it would work great as a marketing tool, it was too detailed to make public. I did, with permission, share it with a team leader in Product Development who works with DiSC, and she responded with this: “…thanks again for sharing this story. I was wondering if you would mind if I shared it with my team – sometimes we become a little distanced from the effects of this work that we do, and I think they would really appreciate this tangible evidence of the power of the products.”

So, are you accumulating testimonials? Or, have you avoided them, because business is good enough and you don’t need them for marketing, or because they’re too “braggy” and that goes against your grain?

Gather them anyway, to use internally.

This is one way to stay passionate, and remind your people why their work makes a difference.

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