Leaders Deliver to Those They Lead

Remember that two-word definition of leadership – “Meet Needs” ?

You can really put that into action by staying conscious of things that you can deliver to the people who report to you.

Your team is so used to deliverables they’re accountable for, that it’s a nice change of pace when you ask them specifically,

“What can I deliver to YOU?”

Perhaps you’ve asked for a set of account reviews to be completed. You could ask, “Would you like me to tell you which of these are the five most important to me?”

Maybe you’ve put someone in charge of inventory. You could say, “I have a free hour next Tuesday – how could I use that hour to help you move this project forward?”

You may have delegated one of your usual tasks to a high-potential team member. You could offer, “Now that you’re underway, is there one aspect you’d like to delegate back to me to see how I’d handle it, or just because you’ve gotten unexpectedly busy and you’d appreciate the help?”

Consider asking your team occasionally, “What can I deliver to YOU?”

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  1. Nick Wuertz
    | Reply

    Thanks Alan, I love reading what you share. Happy summer to you!

    • Alan Feirer
      | Reply

      Thanks, Nick, for reading, and for making the time for a kind word – let’s all have a happy summer!

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