Group Dynamic: Navigating COVID-19 by Taking Care of Our World

I have a feeling that whatever I say today will be outdated in a week, but here it goes.

We have to remember that the world needs us, and as of today there are three categories I’m looking at:

  • My family
  • My volunteer involvements
  • The hardest-hit

My Family

My daughter, Mara, is home from school for an extra three weeks. This time of year usually brings speech competition, jazz choir, jazz band state championships, prom, wrapping up three AP classes, and being with friends. Those things aren’t happening in the same way this year. A doting dad is likely no substitute for missing out on these activities, but it’s important to give her what she needs and keep in touch with how she’s doing. This is really hard on our kids, no matter how well-adjusted and mature they are.

My wife, Julie, is fully accustomed to working from home, alone, all the time. And, her work as a web developer is not slowing down; nearly all of her clients need to do some adjusting during this time. She’s not used to having both Mara and me knocking around the house making noise.

It’s a great thing we all like each other!

Also, My mom, Sally, is traveling, and there are pros and cons to her cutting her trip short, so helping her explore options is a big priority.

My Volunteer Involvements

I still have some volunteer commitments in the community which are continuing. I’m thankful for this sense of normalcy; serving on boards and committees reminds us that there will be a future past the chaos.

The Hardest Hit

In my communication with others, I’ve noticed a premium on connection and kindness. There is a lot of business to take care of—cancellations, adjustments, postponements, information, and the like. We’re all suddenly busy with unexpected work, and so, I anticipated most of my calls would be short and perfunctory. And yet:

Nearly everyone wants to spend some extra time on the phone to talk about how we’re coping, what we’re seeing, and how we’re affected. A check-in on a refund from Disney which would normally last 30-60 seconds lasted 7 minutes. We talked about the hourly workers we know, renewed commitments to spending time outside, and the view out of our respective windows. We were very kind.

It’s clear that people desire connection.

I’m working to stay observant on social media to see if there are some local community needs, but those needs seem well-covered in my immediate area with lots of generous folks.

What DeAnne is doing.

I (DeAnne) will use Alan’s outline of family, volunteer/community involvement, and the hardest hit.


Honestly, this hasn’t affected our family a whole lot. Our oldest son is a freshman this year and is sad to be missing out on state speech contest, choir solo and ensemble contest, and the spring play and golf, which are still up in the air. He has found a silver lining in all this and continues to practice his music.

We homeschool our youngest three anyway, so their school schedule won’t be disrupted in the coming weeks. They are, however, upset to be missing gymnastics and two cancelled competitions for which they’d been working so hard. We have some equipment at home, so they can continue to work on some basic skills.

Alan has been kind and flexible during this time, making work easy for me. My husband is a CPA, so his very busy schedule hasn’t changed from our perspective. The kids and I are using our now-empty evenings to enjoy time together. We completed a 550 piece puzzle on Tuesday night.

Volunteer/Community Involvement:

Unlike Alan’s schedule, all of this was cancelled for me. I’m using my extra time to work with my kids on their missed activities and encouraging them that everything will go back to normal at some point, so let’s be ready when they do.

The Hardest Hit:

I’m keeping my heart and ears open while I’m out getting groceries. If I hear of someone who needs help, we’re more than willing to step in however we can. We’re also making sure to spend money in our local community. Perhaps the biggest thing I’m doing in this category is making an appointment to donate blood, and if you are able, I’d encourage you to donate as well. Those affected the hardest by the virus may need blood, as well as those in hospitals who have suffered accidents, cancer, surgeries, and other issues.

Be good to yourself and each other,


This week, we’re sharing Group Dynamic’s priorities in this tricky time:

Our Selves. 

Our Clients.

Our World.

Our Business. – more Friday

Those are our four commitments, in that order. We encourage you to do the same. Take care of your selves, the people you serve, the world you live in, and your business.

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