The Relationship Between Delegation and Role-Modeling

We all know the value of modeling for team members.

We also know it’s appropriate to delegate tasks in order to develop others.

Here are some thoughts on the relationship between modeling and delegation:

Delegated work makes people feel valued, included, and appreciated. When people are empowered at work, you can expect more productivity and buy-in. You’re modeling the expectation that “around here,” we value, include, appreciate, and empower people.

Delegation frees the leader to do work that requires their own specialized abilities. This models the way for others to find their own genius.

A friend of mine, Rebecca, wrote, “If a leader models both knowing their limits and not needing to micro-manage every task, delegation is an effective and potentially very positive complement to modeled leadership.”

Brain health is so important. Rebecca reminds us, “Leaders visibly setting boundaries for themselves can show others they need to do the same thing.”

Work hard. Grow others.

You can do both. And when you do, it’s good for everyone.

Thanks for reading,

Alan Feirer

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