Core Value: We are Accountable, Responsive, and Timely

We are accountable, responsive, and timely.

Each of our values needs to make us somehow distinctive, and it needs to have behaviors that we use internally, as well as with clients and partners.

One of my favorite questions to ask workplace teams is, “Around here, what is the expectation for email and voice mail response time?”

You might think that in most places, this has been defined clearly, and there is a unison response of something like “24 hours internally, 4 hours with customers.”

You’d be wrong. One place had a range from immediate to 48 hours. The conversation about email response time alone clarified the reason some deep seated hard feelings existed between a couple of people.

This value can set us apart by ensuring there’s a clear understanding.

Internal behaviors that we strive for include:

  • Acknowledging communication within 24 hours of receiving it.
  • Provide a meaningful response to a communication within 48 hours of receiving it.
  • Meet deadlines.
  • DWYSYWD: Do What You Say You Will Do.

What our clients can expect:

  • Voicemails and emails will receive a response within 24 hours.
  • Deadlines are sought, set, and met.

What are your teams expectations around responsiveness?

This is the second post in a 6-part series discussing the importance of having core values and what core values we at Group Dynamic hold to. Follow along as we explore the internal and extrernal impact of personal and corporate core values.

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