Things Successful Leaders Avoid Saying (part 5)

Here’s a phrase to purge:

…that would be great.

Two reasons why:

1) It’s not specific.  If we know that people are more engaged when presented with frequent, specific, direct feedback, then we need to seek out chances to be specific. If something “would be great,” why? Will it make life easier? Help meet a deadline? Make your motives clear? Establish credibility? Save work down the road?  Nearly every use of “that would be great” can have one of these specific reasons.  Take advantage of the opportunity.

2) Office Space.  The cult classic flick Office Space has a really bad boss in it, and he ends most requests with “That’d be great.” When you use the phrase, you’re emulating one of the ickiest pop-culture bosses ever.

So, if you could avoid this phrase, that’d be great.

So, if you could avoid this phrase, you’ll provide clearer communication and engage people more.

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