Leaders Send Handwritten Notes to Their Own People

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When I was a teacher, I didn’t get a lot of handwritten notes from my principals and superintendents.

So when I did, it was pretty exciting!

To think that my boss would

make the time to write words of appreciation or encouragement

when a pop-by or email might have sufficed, really made a major impression and boosted my morale.

And, I bet that the act of writing the note made them feel better as well.

Put a reminder in your calendar every, say, three weeks to pick a direct report — or even a peer — to write a note to.

It will boost you, and them, and remind them that you notice and appreciate their work.

  1. Janyce
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    Alan – I agree completely. Hand written notes mean so much and always put a smile on my face. I end up keeping them too. I need to be more mindful of doing this for my colleagues.

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