Leaders Recognize The Moment of Resignation in Others

Change is inevitable, and for creatures of habit, change is hard. Yet, it’s also necessary.

No one deals with all changes well, but there comes a moment in every change cycle when we must make a choice: accept the change or walk away. We call this the “Moment of Resignation.”

The Moment of Resignation comes in the third phase of the Change Curve—Depression.

Please note that this is not the medical condition with the same name. Here, Depression is a label that refers to the lowest point on the curve, where a person’s mood has hit rock bottom and they lack the energy to carry on. It’s when they realize that something has to change.

The Moment of Resignation is the moment when someone makes a choice to either accept the new reality that includes the change, or step away from the situation altogether, which is also a change. They are resigning to a life change that they feel will work the best for them.

The response to those in the Depression stage is to Spark Motivation. As a leader, you want them on board. You want them excited. You want them to see the big picture and how these changes will make the future brighter. So encourage them. Get excited. Show them the positives. Because when they are in this phase, they are unable to see those things for themselves.

This is the third post in an 11-part series discussing what leaders can do to effectively navigate through times of change. Follow along as we explore the Kubler-Ross Change Curve, differences in DiSC personalities, and the roles of symbolism during change.

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