Leaders Listen to their Team Members

Originally, this blog was going to be about goal-setting. I spent some real time on it. Then, when Ashleigh went to proofread, revise, and schedule it, her reaction was to send me this email:

This post is very, very similar to “Leaders Write Effective Goals and Help Others” posted last July, except there you suggested a different starting point, but they’re pretty much the same, and your examples are pretty much the same.

Couple thoughts:

I think it’s totally fine to give refreshers of older information, but I like it better when there’s a new spin on it and this one feels just repeated, not newly spinned, if that makes sense. Also, if we’re shooting for a new book, then we really need new material, and this doesn’t help us toward that goal. Every week counts!

Now, I confess this made me feel a little defensive at first. I spent real time on that blog post. And, my thoughts have evolved over time and experience working with thousands of people. And, who will remember all that old stuff, anyway?

But when I looked back and forth, I saw her point. We were on the verge of wasting a week. And, I felt pretty good about the fact that Ash felt comfortable telling me how to do my job better. Especially when she’s right.

There is much lore about multi-million dollar ideas coming from front-line employees. Disney implemented its Fastpass based on guest and employee feedback that their greatest challenge was long lines. Lee Cockerell’s book, “Creating Magic” has some great examples – read a summary here. Those can be hard to relate to. Hopefully, this example of Ashleigh’s response is more relatable and helpful.


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