Group Dynamic Primer Chapter Seven: Positivity

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 We’ve covered six leadership traits and skills.  Now, it’s time to talk about two mindsets that must permeate our leadership behaviors.

The first is positivity.  Being positive is the way others see that the hard work is worth it.

Now, leaders ought not be a fake, smile-plastered, Pollyanna; positive leadership is not “soft” leadership.  It does mean that leaders generally use positive language, display appropriate optimism (tempered with realism), and treat people kindly.

It is also falling short to simply preach a “positive attitude.”  While it is possible to control our attitude, and a positive attitude does make our day better and work easier, those around us do not see our attitude; they see our behavior.

So – have that positive attitude. Good plan. If it’s a bad attitude day, though, you are not defeated. Stay positive in your words and body language around your folks, so they understand that the hard work is worth it.

“When enthusiasm is inspired by reason, is practical in application, reflects confidence, and spreads good cheer, raises morale, inspires associates, arouses loyalty, and laughs at adversity, it is beyond price.” – Coleman Cox

Rate yourself – and/or ask others to rate you – on this:

If you ask the people I interact with, they will tell you that I am caring.

[next week – passion]

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