Group Dynamic Primer Chapter Eight: Passion

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Leaders must have passion; that is, in their own way, they must show that they care.

Talk can only go so far – while an occasional well-done pep talk can be great with the right context and timing, it’s what you do that demonstrates your passion. There’s a lot you can do to show your passion and commitment.  Some ideas:

Approach your duties with energy and determination.

Affirm actions and projects that align with the values of the organization.

Enforce high standards by providing timely, specific, behavior/outcome-based feedback.

Only hire/bring on the absolute best fits for the organization.

Actively and deliberately build your team – by working hard together.

On occasion, do the “dirty work” and menial tasks that no one wants to do, but are absolutely necessary.

“Leadership is the art of mobilizing others to want to struggle for shared aspirations.” – Jim Kouzes

Rate yourself – and/or ask others to rate you – on this:

If you ask the people I interact with, they will all tell you that I am passionate about our work/cause/organization.


[next week – conclusion: who is your “Art”?]

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