DiSC Team Follow-Up Reading and Discussion

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Last week, we reviewed six questions to effectively follow-up a DiSC training session with your team.

Here is another approach to following up on DiSC with your team.

The You and Other Styles section provides insight into how each individual responds to the different DiSC styles.

The Build Better Relationship section discusses strategies for how each individual can increase their communication effectiveness when working with others.

Within each of these sections, have your team either:

  • read about any style that they did not study during our session
  • all read about the same style.

Then, when you come together, have each person share an example of how their page 8 is: A. applicable, and B. different than others.

You could ask your team to do the reading on their own time, then come together to discuss as a group.

Or, you could have them make groups of two or three to read and discuss their profiles. Or, both!

Once through these sections, your team ought to be able to easier recognize situations where the application of DiSC would be helpful.

These activities will help ensure your team understands and internalizes the concepts learned, and even more so,

applies them in day-to-day interactions at work.

Through practice, and review of the strategies on pages 12-15, applying DiSC to their day-to-day interactions will become habit.

And, that habit will create a stronger, tighter team.

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