What if someone doesn’t accept an apology?

A couple weeks ago, I shared the Quantum Apology Formula.

Two days ago, someone asked “Yeah, but what if your apology isn’t accepted?”

The short answer is: It’s mostly on them.  They have to stay “above the line” or “out of the box” to accept.  However, only YOU control YOU, so you can’t make someone accept.

To be fair to the “apologizee,” also, perhaps the apologizer is tough to forgive due to past mistakes.

Then, the only solution becomes a laser-like focus on step four – Recommit.  Your intense (but not emotionally needy or obnoxious) and persistent efforts to never commit the same wrong again, over time (sometimes lots of it) is the only way to go.

And it could take a long time.  But its worth it, if it will improve your relationships. Because relationships are the only true mechanism for change, influence and leadership.

So, accept apologies.  And, recommit.

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