The Simplest Way Leaders Keep People on the Right Track

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If people are mostly doing what they’re supposed to be doing, but only hear criticism, they will have the mistaken belief that they are doing a poor job.

In an environment like this, morale, performance, and relationships suffer.

If people need critical feedback or performance coaching sometimes, but only hear positive feedback, they will have the mistaken belief that they’re performing perfectly.

That is until something causes a serious consequence and takes them by surprise.

The wariness this environment causes will also hurt morale, performance, and relationships.

Most people do well most of the time. And, most people prefer to work in a positive atmosphere.

The simplest way to keep people on the right track is to remember…

THREE to ONE: give three bits of specific, affirming feedback for each bit of critical feedback.

Too much negative will hurt, but so will holding negative back.

This ratio will keep the atmosphere positive, and give team members a realistic view on how they’re doing.

It will strengthen their understanding of what to keep doing, and what to change.

Research supports this as the way to keep engagement high.

Three to one. Give it a shot, and be specific.

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