Leaders Make Changes Stick

Two weeks ago, I wrote about Scott Raecker’s water obsession. I also said there were two big things he shared at 90 Ideas. Here’s the other, and it’s timely, because New Year’s resolutions are coming in just a few weeks…

To make change stick, you need four ingredients.

  1. Clearly communicate the expectations of the change. (We will greet visitors in a proactive and timely way, with a smile and a standard greeting “welcome to Acme—we’d like to help you today.”)
  2. Build the habit intentionally. (We expect everyone to greet people this way every time—let’s practice the approach at every weekly meeting for the first month.)
  3. Have a proactive mindset of always looking for opportunities to practice the change. (Always be looking up and out for visitors.)
  4. Stay accountable to others and to yourself. (I will allow my peers to check me on this, and I’ll report my consistency to my boss when I see her.)

None of these are optional if you really want to make change stick.

Do the changes you want to see in others and in yourself have these four ingredients?

If you haven’t watched Scott’s VIDEO yet, check it out to see his Fitbit analogy.

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