Leaders Leave Jobs with Respect, Dignity, and Gratitude

Leaving a good job isn’t easy. You’ve built relationships, learned valuable lessons about yourself and others, and developed new skills. Your job becomes part of your life story, whether you were there for one year or for ten years. Therefore, when it’s time, leave your job with respect, dignity, and gratitude.

As I reflect on my time as Group Dynamic’s Business Development Specialist, I’m reminded of who I was when I first walked into the interview.

I had been a stay-at-home mom for just over a decade. My youngest had started school, and I felt the emotional strain of the life changes happening in our family. My last job in the corporate world had been with a global company. After I left that job, my life centered around babies and small children and everything that comes with them. So, when I applied for the Business Development Specialist position at Group Dynamic, I took one look at all the white space on my résumé and thought I was kidding myself. How could I, someone who owned a drawer full of stained clothes and whose skillset included a decent British accent while reading Peppa Pig books before nap time, work with corporate HR professionals to facilitate their training needs? Needless to say, I entered the interview feeling less than adequate.

I was shocked when Alan offered me the job. Now, after three-and-a-half years in this role, I can barely remember the person I was when I began. I have become a better employee, a better leader, and a better human being because of my Group Dynamic experience.

Here are a few things I have learned on this journey:

  1. A positive attitude changes your perceptions.
  2. can learn how to use new technology. (I’m still partial to PCs, though. Sorry Alan.)
  3. Curiosity is the key to working with difficult people.
  4. There really is no such thing as a stupid question.
  5. People trust me, and I’m good at my job!
  6. Companies budget for the next year 4-6 months in advance.
  7. Asking questions for clarification is not bothersome. In fact, it’s welcome and encouraged.
  8. Saying “Thank you” to a compliment shows humility; trying to downplay the compliment does not.
  9. Asking for what you want and speaking up when you disagree builds trust and confidence.
  10. Having a boss whose personality style is a complete 180 from your own can yield a phenomenal working relationship.
  11. SMART goals are a thing.
  12. Accounting is not my forté.
  13. My OCD organizational skills come in very handy in the corporate world.
  14. Working in silence is golden.
  15. Pens with finger grips at the end are a necessity.
  16. BSaAFWYW is not just for corporate leadership; it’s an essential for life.
  17. I have valuable insight to offer.
  18. I like writing blog posts.

Group Dynamic is now a part of my personal story.

There have been ups and downs in this journey, and they’ve all lead me to a place of development and gratitude. Especially through the stresses and learning opportunities, I have found growth. It has always been my personal philosophy that human beings encounter the most significant moments of growth during times of hardship and change.

I am now moving through a new life transition as I depart from Group Dynamic and begin a career in mental health counseling, a goal I have had since graduating with my BA. In December, I will be graduating with a master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and will be working at New Life Counseling in Ankeny and West Des Moines.

I am so grateful for my time at Group Dynamic and the lessons I have learned. Thank you for being a part of making my time here a wonderful experience. 

Now, I would like to introduce you to Group Dynamic’s new Business Development Specialist, Kelly Clancy.

Passionate about personal and professional development, Kelly is delighted to work alongside Alan and the Group Dynamic clients. She received her bachelor’s degree in Speech Communication from Iowa State University. Kelly is excited to bring the skills she honed at ISU to continue developing business relationships. Having recently moved from her hometown of Ankeny, she spends most of her time renovating her new Des Moines home. Kelly enjoys playing team trivia, watching tv, finding new and interesting podcasts, and spending quality time with her daughter, Martha.

You can reach Kelly at 515-468-1998 or kelly@groupdynamic.net.

All the best,


Thanks for reading,

DeAnne Negley, T-LMHC, NCC

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