Leaders Help People Prepare for Change

A brief one today; a reflection on three quotes I heard in the Cy Wakeman interview for The Leader Campus.

“Change is only hard for the unready.”

“Stay in a state of preparedness.”

“Stop saying ‘I know change is hard.'”

I need to add these thoughts to my rumination on The Psychology of Change.

Change is scary, and it’s especially scary when we’re not prepared for it. We make that worse when we keep saying things like, “Change is hard!”

Scary things affect our emotional state, and our emotional state impacts our choices and engagement.

Change is less scary, though, when we’re prepared and informed, when we maintain our routines, when we know that we have allies.

Consider the simplicity of Cy’s advice by staying ready and keeping others ready for change, and stop talking about how hard it is. Instead, just keep talking about what’s next.

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  1. Sally Wilke
    | Reply

    Oh, so good. So helpful. Do you have her book?

    • Alan Feirer
      | Reply

      No, but it has been recommended to me several times.

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