Leaders Find Ways to Create Contagious Enthusiasm

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I once had a business-owner client who really needed to show her enthusiasm more.

“Not a lot gets me excited,” she said, “except that I’m really motivated by making money.”

She felt a little shallow about that, but also knew her products and services made people’s lives better, which is what motivated her staff.

So, she began coaching her staff to suggest more products and services to customers, and she herself gave positive feedback and showed enthusiasm when those things happened. Her team, in turn, showed more positivity and better morale, and each person was motivated by the factor that caused them the most excitement.

What gets you excited? Is it the same “stuff” that gets your team excited?

If so, celebrate. For many, it’s making a positive difference. For others, it’s creating value. It could be as basic as increased productivity, or hitting a numbers goal, or wearing jeans on Friday.

Whatever gets you excited, find a way to make it happen to help your positivity show. Then, help others do the same.

Positivity, celebration, and optimism (within appropriate limits) really help show that the hard work is worth it.

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