How to put ideas from a conference into action:

We’re entering a time of year when lots of people have professional development and conference opportunities. Lots of time when attending such an event, you get lots of ideas from the exhibit hall, from networking, from breakout sessions, and from keynote speakers and plenary sessions.

You come home with lots of materials, then life happens, and you get emails and work and projects to catch up on, and some of the ideas slip away.  Here’s a way to triage those ideas and stay on task:

In one place, keep a list of all the ideas you have, big or small.

Then, at the end, categorize that list into two categories:

1) Ideas that can immediately be implemented without any big plans or permissions or cost. (E.G. only check email at 10, 1, and 4.)

2) Initiatives that require budget, plans, permission, or other team members. (E.G. hire that awesome leadership trainer I met.)

When it comes to the items in category 1, decide which 3 you will implement Monday, and put them in your calendar/planner. Then do them.

When it comes to items in category 2, rank them in the order that you’d like to see them done, then create an action plan to start the first one on Monday.  Then do it!  If it goes well, move on to number 2, etc.

Use the resource provided above — just click the image, and print or save it.

Hope you find that helpful.  Good luck!

  1. Samantha
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    Hire an awesome leadership trainer I met…. good one! 🙂

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