Core Value: We are Committed to Continuous Improvement

We are committed to continuous improvement.

Each of our values needs to make us somehow distinctive, and it needs to include behaviors that we use internally, as well as with clients and partners.

This value is so important to us, but it’s easy to neglect. Sometimes we get busy, and when my calendar is full, I interpret that as a sign that we are doing good work. Between that assumption, and the fullness of the schedule, I don’t read and reflect as often as I should.

Preparing this blog series has helped, though. In the process of reviewing our internal expectations and external commitments, we realized that we could do much better in a couple areas:

  • Communicating our values to clients.
  • Asking our clients how we’re doing.

To accomplish this, we’ve added our commitments to our pre-service communications with clients, and we’ve started to survey clients to see where we can improve.

Internally, we strive for continuous improvement as well. DeAnne and I meet weekly to discuss things that are going well, things that need improved, and how we can better serve our clients.

Other internal procedures include:

  • I am in a MasterMind group with two other entrepreneurs. We talk weekly, and do an occasional retreat with 2-3 other entrepreneurs; we leave those calls and retreats with action plans and serious initiatives, with tracked progress and mutual accountability. One example of an outcome are the upgraded handouts I wrote about last week.
  • DeAnne sets 90-day personal development goals, roughly each quarter, and progress is discussed weekly.
  • Each year, all of our program offerings are reviewed and revised based on recent learning or experience in the field.
  • Once per year we attend MindLab, the annual conference for DiSC® and The Five Behaviors™ partners to expand our repertoire of best practices.

Internal behaviors that we strive for include:

  • Offer feedback in the ratio of 3:1, positive to negative.
  • Communicate ways to be more efficient and/or effective.

What our clients can expect:

  • We seek feedback and make it safe for clients to suggest improvements.
  • We read, study, and attend professional development on a regular basis.
  • We offer clients feedback on their practices, and recommendations are based on client need, not available programs.

What are your team’s expectations around self-improvement?

This is the sixth post in a 6-part series discussing the importance of having core values and what core values we at Group Dynamic hold to. Follow along as we explore the internal and extrernal impact of personal and corporate core values.

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  1. Sally Wilke
    | Reply

    I’ve really appreciated these posts on just who/what Group Dynamic is and what you promise to deliver.
    PS – love the new photo!

  2. Alan Feirer
    | Reply

    Thanks much! It felt a little risky, so thanks for the affirmation.

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