The leadership opportunity of Caller ID…

how to defeat caller id blocking How to Defeat Caller ID Blocking

Sometimes, servant leadership calls for relinquishing power.  Insecure leaders look for opportunities to take power, and we know this on some level. Here’s an opportunity to let others steer things.

Ignore caller ID. Pretend it doesn’t exist.  This means two things:

1) If you’re free to answer the phone when it rings, answer it. No matter who it is.

2) When you answer, let the caller identify themselves however they want to.

When you screen calls, you are seizing the power by deciding who will connect with you, and who won’t.  When you answer, no matter who is calling, you are letting the caller take control.

When you answer by starting the call by using the caller’s name (“Hey Melissa!”), you’re controlling the beginning of the call.  If you just answer with a standard greeting (“Hello, this is Alan.”), you are letting the caller decide how to begin and proceed.

Ignoring Caller ID’s existence puts your caller in control, instead of assuming control.  A small way to hand power to someone else.

Do you like it when people answer their phone when you call? Or do you wonder if you’re being screened when they don’t answer?

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