Smile. Merry Christmas!

No original thoughts from me this week, as I’ve been ill and have focused my energies only on 1) family needs , 2) current clients, and 3) getting myself well [that is, sleeping a lot!].

Thanks for understanding; I’ll be committed to the weekly Wednesday updates in the new year, I assure you.

In the past few weeks, a few of you have let me know that you look forward to the weekly post, though, and so this week I’ll provide a post from another’s blog; it’s good:

I don’t care if you’re the general manager of a Big Box or the owner of a small retailer; know that one of the unarguable rules of the universe is that happy employees make happy customers.

via Smiles, Sales and Leadership | Management Excellence.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Happy Holidays to you — as always, please give me a call if you want to shoot the breeze about leadership and/or organizational situations — you know I love talking through specifics.



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