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In an earlier post, we discussed the value of testimonials.

What if you don’t have testimonials?

Write your own!

Think back on some of your greatest successes – the things that motivate you and your team to keep coming back.

If your client or customer didn’t provide a testimonial, you can create your own.

You can turn it into a “case study,” by putting into writing the high points of your work and the difference it made.

Or, you can just use “before and after” snapshots (if it’s visual) or brief descriptions of the before and after.


– Our house is being painted as we speak. We’re happy with the work, but aren’t likely to write a testimonial. The crew leader could, however, take a before picture, and an after picture of their work. The pictures could then be posted back at the office to remind the team of their great work.

– I know a dentist who takes before and after pictures of some severe cases. Those aren’t always pretty for public consumption, but the staff can see them in the lab and be reminded of how much better teeth can make life more pleasant.

– In the early days of my business, I had an economic development coordinator interview me, and a couple of clients, and write up some case studies. Organizations that support small businesses or economic development may have staff people who are available for this kind of service.

Going through this work yields two benefits:

1) You may end up with some decent marketing material.

2) You now have another way to show your passion to your team, and remind them of the importance of their work.

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