Leaders Stay Hydrated

I admire Scott Raecker; he’s a great speaker with wonderful stories and spot-on content. His work on character education has touched many. And when he had the floor for five minutes at the 90 Ideas event,

he shared two big insights with us, and one of them was unexpected:

Drink water.


I’ve blogged about caffeine intake before as a way to get energy, but Scott turned his water intake into something inspired and inspiring.

In short, if you don’t want to watch the video, when Scott started drinking half his body weight in ounces of water, his sleep improved, energy went up, and headaches went away, and he’s evangelizing.

Drink lots of water, AND encourage your people to do so, too.

Consider giving every new hire a water bottle in their favorite color.

This post is part of a set of posts inspired by the Business Record’s “90 Ideas in 90 Minutes” event in September 2017. Learn more, download a pdf, and see all the speakers here.

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