Leaders Do – and Teach – These Two Keys to Success

Want the perfect New Year resolution? One that will advance your career, generate loyalty, and make the world a better place?

Resolve to do these two things:

  1. Deliver everything you promise, and that you are expected to deliver, on time. Always.
  2. Track yourself on delivery; never rely on outside accountability. Instead, report completion.

These two items may look easy, common sense, and to be expected. But watch your team members. And watch yourself. How often does it really happen?

If you’re honest, you’ll find it’s about 10-15% of the time. Usually, things slip and end up a day late. Or you find that you need to remind people.

Just do those two things consistently.

Then, when you’ve mastered it, teach your best team members to do them. And watch the team flourish.

Happy New Year!

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