Everyone’s in Marketing?


What does this make you think of the W.H.S. Drumline?

We are all ambassadors of every organization that we are a part of. Whether it’s our family, our workplace, our house of worship, our service club, our band, our athletic team, or our city/state/country, we are always “representing.”

There’s a place in my town that serves food.  Lots of people eat there. I don’t. Here’s why:
Lots of times when I walk down the alley behind the joint’s back door, the food preparer is smoking.  And sometimes talking on the phone.  Being rude.

For some reason, I don’t eat there.  And I think it has to do with that.

I went to a church for a while that had a pastor who was the nicest, friendliest guy in the world. He hung out at lots of community events, and sometimes invited people to come to the church. They usually did, and membership grew.  Was it the theology?  Doubt it.

If you care about the organizations/teams/groups/businesses that you are a part of, you’ll realize that you are “marketing” every single time you are in the presence of anyone who knows you’re a member.

If you are the leader/coach/owner/manager, it’s okay to set some expectations for your people, or at least open up the topic in group meetings.  Image matters.

People who work at dining establishments have the right to smoke and have loud rude conversations on their phone during their breaks.  But if it’s okay for them to do it in full view of the clientele, it might make people wonder about the standards there.  And they’ll go somewhere else.

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