Does it hold up? Can you really manage up?

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About seven years ago, I wrote a piece about managing up, and loaded it up with thoughts that hold up, and I want to lift out the best parts, since the original version was a bit too long.

1: Before seeking influence with your own manager, consider how safe you make it for your own reports to come to you.

2: Instead of being crafty and political, be clear and matter of fact, using Group Dynamic’s favorite tool, BSaAFWYW. Be specific and ask for just what you want from them. This is a better starting point than preparing a time-consuming case. That can come next.

3: Be careful about your feedback for them — build the relationship until you’re sure they are open to it.

When I take a moment to focus on these points, and consider what I’ve seen in workplaces lately, it definitely holds up.

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Alan Feirer

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